Planning an admission

Our caring staff and thoughtful processes ensure that an individual coming to to live in an Exemplar care home is treated with sensitivity and care. We make the admission process as simple and straightforward as possible for service users, families and funders, no matter how complex the care needs, or how specialist the care pathways.

The admission process follows a referral, assessment and agreement of funding. This comprehensive pre-admission process ensures a smooth transition to Exemplar’s care and ensures we have a full understanding of a service user’s needs and future aspirations.

  • In conjunction with the service user and funder, we will develop a care plan
  • We’ll arrange visits to the home and, wherever possible, an overnight stay prior to admission
  • A member of our nursing staff will act as a service users’ named nurse who will then be responsible for ensuring that all their nursing care needs are planned for and met
  • Individuals will be allocated key workers who assist with shopping, accompanying service users to appointments such as the GP, hospital and dentist. Key workers ensure that other members of the care team are fully briefed regarding individual requirements for when they are not on duty. This ensures our service users have good continuity of care.

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