Specialist care focused on goals and outcomes

Making every day better is about achieving the best possible outcomes for those we care for.

Starting with our initial clinical assessment, we look to identify goals and outcomes together with service users, their families and others involved in their care. This outcome focus ensures that everyone is working together to achieve the same goals.

Goals will be different for everyone. A goal may be a full recovery, a return to living in the community or the ability to live a fuller, more independent life with the right help and support. For those with a life-limiting condition and the most complex care needs, a goal may simply be a desire for dignity and peace of mind for family.

At Exemplar, our activity programmes are built around an individual, with their goals, abilities and interests shaping their activities. For those with progressive or life-limiting conditions, our specialist care teams have the experience and sensitivity to ensure care and activity is shaped around a person’s needs as they change.