Ravensdale Care Home, Leeds

Address Naburn Walk
LS14 2DA
Telephone 0113 2739620
Email ravensdale@exemplarhc.com
Services Neuro-disability, Brain injury & stroke, Mental ill-health, OneCare service

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Welcome to Ravensdale

At Ravensdale, we build our care and activity plans around individuals, supporting and encouraging them to be happy, cared for and fulfilled.


Our home

Service users at Ravensdale live in two 10-bed units, Foxglove and Bluebell. Each unit has a dining room and two lounges.

At Ravensdale, we understand the importance of good, nutritious food. Our varied restaurant style dining menu is developed with service users at regular Food Forums. This ensures our menus are, interesting and available to everyone, taking into account personal preferences, condition-specific and religious dietary requirements.

A landscaped garden is level and accessible for all and include areas for socialising and relaxing, with raised flowers beds and a greenhouse for gardening.

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OneCare service

Ravensdale’s OneCare service is an extended pathway of care which accommodates individuals who can live independently and are looking to gradually return to life in the community, or alternatively provides a way into care for people with a progressive condition, such as Huntington’s disease.

Encouraging service users to develop or maintain their independence and life skills, the three bedroom house is staffed 24/7 and has shared kitchen and living areas, allowing service users to interact and support one another, whilst still receiving support from the main home.

The house can be adapted to suit the individual needs of service users, from decorating to their personal tastes to ensuring their home is wellsuited to their physical requirements.

Ravensdale encourages service users to work towards achieving their personal goals, and further develop their independence and life skills. Service users can move into the OneCare service when they are ready – whilst still having the support of the main home as and when they require.


Life at Ravensdale

Social activities, leisure interests and hobbies are all part of a healthy, balanced life. The Ravensdale team support service users to make choices about how they live their lives, their hobbies and interests and where appropriate, access to education and volunteering. Regular service user forums allow people to share their views and develop future activities.

Trips to nearby Roundhay Park are popular, particularly during the summer. Service users enjoy local shopping trips, dining out in one of the local pubs and taking part in the community Parkinson’s Choir.

A full-time Occupational Therapist supports individuals with activities of daily living. All service users have access to the sensory room, designed to develop a person’s senses through special lighting, music, and objects.

Case study

Vicky came to Exemplar from a local mental health hospital with complex mental ill-health. Unable to look after herself at home, Vicky’s main concern and a cause of great distress was the fact that she was not with her beloved dog, Mr Darcy.

Knowing that Vicky was to move into a OneCare house, we first consulted with our team and two other OneCare occupants about the possibility of allowing Mr Darcy to live with Vicky. Everyone was enthusiastic and agreed – Mr Darcy was welcome!

To facilitate a smooth transition and help Vicky settle in, we arranged for Mr Darcy to be at home when Vicky arrived. With the correct care and support Vicky is now much more settled and loves the fact that her neighbours also enjoy walking Mr Darcy. Vicky’s long-term goal is to return to living independently.


“My relative is cared for to a high standard thanks to the hard work and dedication of the nursing team at Ravensdale, who are both professional and caring. You should be very proud of the team at Ravensdale, I now feel assured my relatives have the best possible care. The Ravensdale team make a difference.” Relative


Lynda Holden – lholden@exemplarhc.com

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