Quarryfields Care Home, Balby, Doncaster

Address Woodfield Road
Telephone 01302 850750
Email quarryfields@exemplarhc.com
Services Mental ill-health, Profound learning disability, Autism, OneCare service

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Welcome to Quarryfields

At Quarryfields nursing home in Doncaster, the team build care and activity plans around people. The specialist home provides care for adults with learning disabilities, autism and mental-ill health, supporting and encouraging people to be happy, independent and fulfilled. 


Our home

Quarryfields is made up of a range of accommodations to suit the needs of our service users. There are two eight-bedroom bungalows; Sandstone and Quartz, and one four-bedroom house; Moonstone. Two one-bedroom flats accommodate long-term service users.

Quarryfields also offers extended pathways of care at our OneCare services. One two-bed flat and two one-bed flats allow service users to live independently while still accessing care and support when needed.


OneCare reablement pathway at Quarryfields

Exemplar’s OneCare reablement pathways allow people to live with independence in community homes. With care, nursing and support options developed around individual needs, OneCare pathways are fully bespoke and person-centred homes for those looking to live more independently through rehabilitation and enabling activities. Supported by specialist nurses and life-skills teams, service users can further progress their journey to independence before returning to life within the community.

The OneCare service at Quarryfields provides support to individuals living with mental ill-health and learning disabilities. A two-bedroom flat and three one-bedroom flats are just a short walk from the main home. These flats provide service users with their individual space, as well as shared living areas encouraging interaction with one another and their guests. This also develops independence, confidence and life-skills in a home from home environment. 


Case study

Sam is 42 years old and currently living within a OneCare service at Quarryfields. For many years, Sam lived a life of self-neglect. This led to Sam becoming unwell and suffering with severe mental ill-health.

Although he was prescribed medication, he didn’t always take it, which further contributed to his condition. As his health deteriorated, Sam was sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and spent a few years within an acute setting for mental health sufferers.

Social services referred Sam to Quarryfields, recognising he needed care and support in a different environment, if his behaviours and health were to improve. On arriving at Quarryfields, Sam required a lot of support from taking medication to being escorted around the community.

With a personalised care plan and full support from his family and the team at Quarryfields, Sam progressed and with time was able to move into the OneCare service.

Sam is now on the council registry for his own home. Living alone and preparing for life within the community, Sam is now able to manage his behaviour, take his medication, visit family and go out into the local community on his own.

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Life at Quarryfields

The Quarryfields team support service users to make choices about how they live their lives, their hobbies and interests and where appropriate, support access to education, including ASDAN Skills of Life qualifications, volunteer placements and employment. Regular service user forums allow people to share their views and develop future activities.

All activities are developed around individuals and their hobbies and interests. Many services users attend activities including club nights, coach trips and other events with DICE, a social enterprise for disabled adults in Doncaster.

Quarryfields has a spacious, accessible, landscaped garden with a patio, raised beds and a potting shed for planting. Each bungalow and the flats also have a garden, which includes a communal area for barbecues and parties.


The Platform

The Platform is a new pop-up venture on Woodfield Road, developed and staffed entirely by service users from Quarryfields. The former sandwich shop has been completely transformed into a new educational facility for service users, staff and the public.

The Platform will hold a series of pop-up shops, each running for 10 weeks at a time, providing the local community with a new venture – and service users with new skills, experiences and confidence.

Refreshments and sweet treats will always be available. From barista training in how to make the perfect coffee, to budgeting, interior design, and training in health and safety and Food Hygiene, the Platform team have worked hard to develop all the skills they need to launch their new venture.

The Platform is open to the public as a venue to hire so if you are looking for somewhere to hold a meeting or an event please email Quarryfields at quarryfields@exemplarhc.com or fill in a booking form at www.theplatformquarryfields.com

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“This is a great service for my son who has challenging behaviour, autism and learning disability. He is cared for very well. The staff that look after him are great. I would not want my son to live anywhere else.” Relative

“The OneCare service at Quarryfields isn’t for an individual’s condition; it is to prepare them for independent living, within their community. We provide additional care when the need arises; we work to encourage confidence and life-skills for community living, within our service users. Once ready, life within the community can begin – without the need for care.” Home manager

Cath Kay & Yvonne Callingham, Joint Peripatetic Managers – ckay@exemplarhc.com / ycallingham@exemplarhc.com 

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