Longley Park View Care Home, Sheffield

Address 70 Longley Lane
S5 7JZ
Telephone 0114 2425402
Email longleypark@exemplarhc.com
Services Mental ill-health, Complex dementia

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Welcome to Longley Park View

Longley Park View is a specialist nursing home in Sheffield, caring for adults living with dementia and mental ill health.
Experienced and trusted in caring for people with complex challenging behaviour and nursing needs, we embrace a person-centred care philosophy, building care and activity plans which support, nurture and encourage people to live happy, fulfilled lives. 



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Our home

Service users at Longley Park View are cared for in one of four units, depending on their unique needs. Meadows is Longley’s male-only unit, providing long-term care and support for men who require a single-sex environment, perhaps due to disinhibition or challenging behaviour. Concord, Ecclesfield and Hillsborough units provide specialist support for men and women with a range of complex needs. With 59 beds in total, each unit has a choice of two lounges and a spacious dining room.

Service users are encouraged to decorate their bedrooms to suit personal tastes and every bedroom has an accessible ensuite toilet and TV point.

At Longley Park View, we understand the importance of good, appetising meals. Our varied menu with freshly cooked, nutritionally balanced food, is developed with service users, to ensure we cater for personal tastes and dietary preferences, including religious and condition-specific requirements. We also have a café menu, an alternative to our main daily menu, giving service users a choice throughout the day.


Complex elderly care

The specialist team at Longley Park View provide complex care for older people with dementia and neuro-disabilities, often characterised by behaviour that challenges and unpredictable behaviour. We are experienced in providing person-centred care for people who may have limited capacity, communication difficulties and sensory impairments and have a proven track record in providing holistic, multidisciplinary care for people with late stage dementia, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, stroke, brain injury and neuro-disabilities.

Many service users come to Longley Park View after the breakdown of previous placements in elderly care services and in the community. As a person’s symptoms become more acute and challenging, some services become unable to provide the right care for older people with very complex needs. Longley Park View has been developed with these people in mind.

Our highly trained nursing and care teams provide responsive and timely care to avoid emergency admissions and have developed good collaborative relationships between families, service users and local primary care providers.

Older people with complex care needs may also be at risk of experiencing delirium, anxiety and depression. With a strong team providing excellent nursing and empathetic, person-centred care, Longley Park View is viewed by many as a welcome alternative to acute care, often the only choice following the breakdown of a community placement.


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Longley Park Cafe

Longley Park View Café is located within the heart of the home and is open to service users, families and visitors.

Visitors can sit in the café and enjoy drinks and homemade treats, while socialising with their family and friends, or relax and listen to the music played on the Grand Piano.

The café is open to community groups and local charities to use as a free meeting space for monthly meetings, support groups, coffee mornings and training. Individuals can also attend with their friends, family and support workers for a change of environment, the chance to socialise with others and to form new friendships.

“When my brother passed away, I didn’t know what else to do with my time. I was so used to visiting the care home, the team and other service users – I couldn’t stay away. It had become my home too. Carol, the home manager, shared the plans for the café and asked if I would consider volunteering a few days a week. Naturally I jumped at the chance. Longley Park View gave so much support to my brother, and myself throughout his time here, I felt this was my chance to give something back. The care provided here is second to none; I know the service from Longley Park View Café will be exactly the same.”

Local volunteer Paul works with service users in Longley Park View Café


Family, friends and visitors

We have an open door policy, friends and family are welcome to visit at any time and be involved in care planning and reviews. We encourage everyone to be involved in giving those we look after the best possible quality of life. In addition to the coffee shop in the conservatory, ideal for socialising during visits, a visitor’s room with comfortable seating is also available.

“I use Exemplar quite a lot because they can manage my risky clients that no other low level nursing home could. I need nursing care that can manage risk and be able to assess and understand people’s mental health and how it can all change quite quickly.” Local commissioner

“I cannot stress too highly, too often and too enthusiastically how impressed, grateful and indebted I feel towards your marvellous caring staff who take such excellent care of vulnerable adults in their daily work.” Relative

Carol Berry – cberry@exemplarhc.com

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