Havenmere Care Home, Immingham, Lincolnshire

Address 191 Pelham Road
DN40 1JP
Telephone 01469 557340
Email havenmere@exemplarhc.com
Services Neuro-disability, Brain injury & stroke, Mental ill-health, Complex dementia, OneCare service

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Welcome to Havenmere

At Havenmere, we build our care and activity plans around individuals, supporting, nurturing and encouraging them to live happy, fulfilled lives.


Our home

Havenmere provides a three stage care pathway, from the wraparound care of the main home to The Bridgeway OneCare service. This extended care pathway accommodates those returning to life in the community, or is a way into care for people with a progressive condition who may not yet require complex nursing care.

Havenmere is arranged over three ten-bed units; Mayflower, Clyfton and Pilgrim. Each unit has a choice of lounges, a dining room and kitchen.

At Havenmere, we understand the importance of good, nutritious food. Our varied restaurant style dining menu is developed with service users to ensure we cater for personal tastes and dietary preferences including religious and condition-specific requirements.

Well-maintained accessible gardens include decking areas for sitting and relaxing, space for parties and areas for gardening.

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OneCare service

Havenmere’s OneCare service, The Bridgeway, is an extended pathway of care which accommodates individuals returning to life in the community, or alternatively provides a way into care for people with a progressive condition, such as Huntingdon’s disease.

Encouraging service users to develop or maintain their independence and life skills, the service includes a six-bed apartment and two one-bedroom apartments, on a separate fourth unit, purpose built for the OneCare service.

The six-bed apartment has shared kitchen and living areas, allowing service users to interact and support one another, whilst still receiving support from the main home. The two one-bedroomed apartments are self-contained, which allow for more independent living. This sole-occupancy environment is personalised to suit the unique needs of individual service users.

Supported by specialist nurse aided care and life-skills teams, service users at The Bridgeway benefit from the therapy and care available within Havenmere, as required. The Bridgeway provides a transitional care pathway for individuals with mental health needs and acquired brain injuries.

Case study

During the early 90’s, Tim suffered with anxiety and depression, leading to extreme agitation and trauma. After being admitted to a private mental health unit, he spent eight months in rehabilitation. Over the next 13 years, Tim lived in a number of community and acute mental health services, and was detained under the Mental Health Act.

By May 2015, Tim had found support at Havenmere, where he could finally receive the person-centred care he had been missing. Supported by the mental health and general nursing team, Tim settled in, began counselling and over time met his personal, rehabilitation goals.

As he progressed further and developed more skills of everyday living, Tim moved into The Bridgeway. Today, Tim cooks and cleans for himself, enjoys weekends away with his family and, lives with more independence.

"The Bridgeway provides Tim with the ideal environment for his rehabilitation and recovery. From initially requiring 1:1 support, to now living independently in The Bridgeway, we have been able to meet Tim’s needs as he progresses towards his personal goals.” Home manager, Diane Howden

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Life at Havenmere

Social activities, leisure interests and hobbies are all part of a healthy, balanced life. The Havenmere team support service users to make choices about how they live their lives, their hobbies and interests and where appropriate, access to education and volunteering.

Meals out, swimming in the local pool and shopping trips are popular. Trips to the zoo and Yorkshire Wildlife Park are favourites, as well as live music, shows and cinema trips. An accessible minibus means there is always transport available for activities. The Havenmere team regularly consult with service users to ensure they are happy with life at Havenmere and to plan for future activities.


Friends, families and visitors

Our open door policy means friends and family are welcome to visit and to be involved in care planning and reviews. We encourage everyone to be involved in giving those we look after the best possible quality of life. A dedicated visitor’s bedroom, with a comfortable sofa bed, fridge and ensuite toilet is available for overnight stays.

“The team at Havenmere are first class. I find them all very friendly and caring. I can arrive at any time and always find my husband clean and tidy and well cared for. This means an awful lot to me. I cannot praise them enough.” Relative

“The care and facilities at Havenmere are excellent. The team are always polite, friendly and helpful. The team at Havenmere are the best I have encountered, they obviously care about the  residents and families.” Relative

Diane Howden – dhowden@exemplarhc.com

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