Greenside Court Care Home, Rotherham

Address Greenside
S61 4PT
Telephone 01709 558465
Services Neuro-disability, Brain injury & stroke, Mental ill-health, Complex dementia

Welcome to Greenside Court

A 20-bed, nurse-led care home, Greenside Court is a caring, welcoming, person-centred home.

Working with families, professionals and most importantly our service users, we build care and activity plans around individuals. Encouraging service users to be happy and develop their skills is important. We want to ensure they are working towards their goals, and gain a sense of achievement.


Our home

Greenside has two units, Heshon and Bernard. Each unit has a dining room, activities room and lounges where service users can relax and enjoy the company of their fellow residents or of their loved ones.

Bedrooms are decorated to suit personal tastes and feature TV and telephone access points, Wi-Fi and an accessible ensuite wet room.

We actively encourage an open door policy, so friends and family can visit any time. It is just as important for loved ones to be involved in giving service users the best possible quality of life, and participate in care planning and reviews.


Life at Greenside Court

Service users are supported to go on holiday and take part in social outings with other residents. Trips to the coast, local shopping centres and the cinema are popular, with some service users regularly attending local football games. Whilst service users are encouraged to be part of the local community, making use of local amenities, a hairdresser visits the home every 6 weeks.

Accessible for all, the enclosed garden provides space to sit and relax, or carry out gardening or planting. BBQs and fairs are popular during summer, with garden parties boosting moral and providing a platform for service users to engage with one another.

Activities, hobbies and interests are all encouraged within Greenside Court, we find they contribute to a healthy and balanced life. Staff facilitate hobbies and hold regular forums to allow service users to speak up and share their ideas for future events.

Bringing together NHS specialists, neurologists, psychologists, GPs and other experts at quarterly clinics in-house, Greenside Court avoids changes in routine for service users and the frustration of long hospital waiting times. This also helps families form relationships with consultants, in a relaxed environment for more open and honest discussions.

Greenside Court also offers respite care placements.

“A great friendly home, very professional and strong work ethic” – MDT


“Greenside serves those with HD and their families well and I never get any complaints from the residents or their families about any aspect of the care provided at Greenside. I frequently suggest Greenside as a placement for those with HD and only have funding issues against me in people actually getting there. It has good reputation generally amongst professionals I meet too” – MDT


“I am very pleased with the care my husband gets at the home. The staff are very friendly and make me feel at home there” – Relative

Kim Payne

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