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Respite care

At Exemplar Health Care, we provide respite care for individuals who need additional support following an operation or an illness, or care for those looking for a break from care in hospital or at home.

Respite care

Respite care

Respite care with us doesn’t just mean a few weeks – we can accommodate people for as long as required. Whatever the length of stay, we provide the same high quality care.

As with any care package, our respite care is developed around the need of each individual – our assessment teams work with all those involved to determine the type of care required and if any specialist care is necessary. This could be support for people with an advanced neuro-disability, or for a person living with severe learning disabilities.

The personal care plan is exactly that – personal. Person-centred care is at the forefront of our standards, and this involves getting to know service users; what people like and dislike, and where and how a person may wish to develop their skills.

Engagement, therapy and nursing staff all work with service users to encourage social interactions, group activities as well as exploring independent activities. By doing this, we aim to reignite valuable skills, ensuring service users are fit and able to return home or to independent living when the time is right.

John and Joanne

Exemplar Health Care has provided John with fantastic care over the last couple of years and given him the support needed in a specialist environment to make sure his care is of the highest quality, even to the point of undertaking additional training in order to be able to accommodate all of John’s specific medical needs, some of which can be life threatening. Having that additional support has made a huge difference to our lives.

Joanne, wife of our resident, John