Family support

We know it can be an extremely emotional and stressful time when finding care for yourself or a loved one. But we’re here to help.

Family support

Family support

The input and ideas of families and friends is central to our person-centred care.

We know that family members and loved ones can provide valuable ideas, care advice and emotional support that will increase the wellbeing of their loved ones. That’s why we welcome family involvement in every part of daily life.

Whether it’s our open-door policy or the more formal processes in place for survey feedback and regular relative meetings, listening to – and learning from – loved ones is key to making every day better for the people in our care.

But the stories and experiences of family members will tell you more than we ever could. Watch the videos below to learn about Exemplar Health Care through the eyes of a spouse and a family. 

A family's story

A couple’s story