Frequently Asked Questions

Moving in and out

Our specialist nurses and life-skills teams support residents to live their lives as they choose and to progress their journey to rehabilitation and independence and where possible, a return to life within the community. Some of our homes offer OneCare services, which are specially adapted individual houses and flats in the community for service users who do not require the full-time care of a home, but still require support. Individuals can further progress their journey towards independence as part of their recovery pathway, whilst still having the support of the main home as and when they require it.

Our homes

Yes, residents can help with day-to-day activities, from making a cup of tea to cooking, doing laundry and gardening and in this way develop their independence, confidence and life-skills in a home from home environment.

Yes, we encourage residents to decorate their bedrooms to suit personal tastes to help them feel more at home.

Yes, we put residents at the heart of everything we do and by listening and acting on what they say we ensure they have a real say in the running of our homes. Our resident council has a direct link to our board of directors and is involved in all aspects of managing a home including addressing decisions that directly affect them such as recruiting and interviewing our care home teams.

The Care Quality Commission undertake regular inspections of all care homes to ensure they meet government standards. Their reports can be found on their website alongside reviews provided by members of the public. Visit the CQC website Alternatively, visit our website, where all our homes have a direct link to the CQC website on their individual home pages.


Some of our homes have a guest room where visitors may stay overnight should they wish.

Our homes differ from the traditional care home in the type of care that we provide. All of Exemplar Health Care's care homes provide highly specialised nursing care for individuals with complex needs arising from mental ill-health, neuro-disability, brain, stroke and spinal injury, complex dementia, autism and learning disabilities.


Residents are encouraged to access local community facilities and are supported as necessary to continue to live as independent a life as possible.

Our homes support residents to make choices about how they live their lives, their hobbies and interests and every home organises activities, trips and outings which reflect the interests and wishes of residents. We also support people back into work or full-time education where appropriate.

All our menus offer freshly cooked, appetising and nutritionally balanced meals, which take into account personal preferences, condition-specific and religious dietary requirements.

Yes, you can contact us and arrange to visit any of our homes to look around.

We are happy to accept private funders, please contact us via our enquiry line.

Yes, under the Government Care Act 2014, the local authority must carry out an assessment based on a person’s individual needs, taking into account their well-being and desired outcomes. This gives you more control over the type of care and support you receive and means that you do not have to choose the care home suggested if you feel your needs, or the needs of a family member would be better met elsewhere.

Our care

Everyone is different and Exemplar Health Care’s approach begins with person-centred planning which includes an individual’s goals, beliefs and aspirations. By really listening to people and finding out what they want and need, we can then make sure our care plans and services are tailored to individual needs.

At Exemplar Health Care we review each person’s needs regularly to ensure we have the correct care and support in place. We manage a range of complex disabilities and conditions including those requiring high dependency nursing (including enteral feeding regimes and airway management through tracheostomy care).

You must contact your GP or social worker in the first instance who will assess your individual case and identify if funding can be provided.

Our team

Each person is assessed individually and the package of care and staffing levels reflect the care and support required to deliver truly person-centred care.


Yes, Exemplar Health Care homes have an open door policy. This means friends and family are welcome any time, though we would suggest that you make an appointment if you would like to speak to a member of the management team to ensure they are available. We also encourage family members to be involved in care planning and our homes hold regular resident and relative meetings where loved ones can share their suggestions and feedback.