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Challenging behaviour

Challenging behaviour care delivered by our skilled and dedicated specialist care teams.

Challenging behaviour

Challenging behaviour

Exemplar Health Care prides itself on positively supporting service users that display challenging behaviours. With the support of our dedicated Behaviour Support Team Exemplar Health Care staff seek to understand the causes of behaviour, remove or reduce any trigger factors, pro-actively de-escalate and provide highly skilled support during times of crisis. 

Able to manage highly complex individuals, Exemplar Health Care’s skilled teams:

  • Support individuals to learn the skills to manage their own behaviour
  • Reduce feelings of frustration by leaving time for comprehension and completion of tasks
  • Carefully consider the environmental impact on service users behaviour and manage accordingly
  • Avoid confrontation by distraction attention and using pro-active de-escalation techniques
  • Encourage choice and alternatives and support positive risk taking
Challenging behaviour

I use Exemplar Health Care quite a lot because they can manage my risky clients that no other low level nursing home could. I need nursing care that can manage risk and be able to assess and understand people’s mental health and how it can all change quite quickly.

Sheffield-based commissioner