Inspiring young people about careers in the care sector in Hull

Our new Hull care home, St Andrew’s Court, is opening later this year and with our recruitment campaign in full swing, we recently delivered a career talk for young people at The Goodwin Trust.

Following a recent introduction from Child Dynamix in Hull (one of the partner organisations working on the Wheeler Street Community Garden which is a short distance from our new home), our HR Advisor Betty Barnes presented a talk for young people accessing The Goodwin Trust’s careers services.

Scheduled as part of The Goodwin Trust’s series of careers sessions at the Youth Centre, Betty spent over an hour with six young people discussing the care industry, our history as Exemplar and the opportunities within our homes.

Betty started the talk with an icebreaker which proved successful in setting up a talk that was both interactive and engaging.

Across the room people shared their favourite food and one thing that they couldn’t live without. Betty then went onto discuss our history, discussing what it is like to work in complex care and shared case studies to illustrate the type of care available in our homes.

Care sector knowledge

Betty shared details of the St Andrew’s Court renovation and how the reduction in beds (from 34 to 18) will provide a spacious setting for our residents. Conversations were encouraged throughout, with some attendees sharing their knowledge and family experience of working in the care sector.

The group were particularly keen to learn more about St Andrew’s Court and Betty discussed the vision for the home and detailed the types of roles we’re currently recruiting, providing examples of the responsibilities for the different roles.

She also talked about the specialists that support our group of homes, such as our Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Peter Marshall and the Behavioural Support Team led by Mark Henry.

A shared goal

When it came to sharing the career paths our team have followed, Betty was keen to reassure the group that it can be normal for people to migrate across roles as they develop specialisms and discover new interests.

In doing so, she highlighted how we’re proud to have built a team who come from diverse backgrounds but have the shared goal to provide outstanding care for our residents.

Following the event, Betty said “I really enjoyed my afternoon with The Goodwin Trust.

The talk was very interactive, and I felt that the group we’re engaged and interested in the subject matter. They were keen to get an insight into the care industry and learn more about the different career paths available.

“It was a great opportunity to learn more about the perceptions of care of young people in Hull and we hope to see job applications from inquisitive individuals, like those we met at the talk, over the coming months.”

Our St Andrew’s Court home will provide specialist nursing care for adults with a range of complex nursing needs, including dementia, mental health conditions, brain injury, stroke and neuro-disabilities.

Available roles include support workers, nurses, domestic staff and a skills facilitator and we’re encouraging local residents to apply for the roles via our Careers page.

Here’s more information on St Andrew’s Court.

St Andrew's Court visual rendering