Case study: Respite care at Dearnevale

Since John experienced a series of strokes at the age of just 53, Exemplar’s Barnsley care home Dearnevale, has provided him with specialist respite care and support since 2016.

After experiencing the strokes, John now lives with complex needs which include diabetes, and as a result of bowel surgery, can only consume food via a specialist feeding tube. Unable to speak following his strokes, John’s developed signs of living with mental ill-health.

John’s wife Joanne – a former nurse – provides full-time care at their own home. Providing further support to John’s care, the couple come to Dearnevale for additional specialist support and treatment.

When John began his respite care with Dearnevale, the assessment and clinical team worked with both Joanne and himself, to create a tailored care package that would meet both the high-quality care needed and care goals. This also includes very specialist care for the complex needs he has developed since experiencing the strokes.

The same level of high-quality care is given to all service users who come to Dearnevale. The clinical and care teams work to get to know service users’ likes and dislikes, chosen ways of communication and their individual needs.

Joanne said: “Dearnevale have provided John with fantastic care over the last two years. They are able to give him the support needed in a specialist environment and make sure his care is of the highest quality. John really needs very specialist care which the Dearnevale team do so very well.

“I couldn’t be happier with the care Dearnevale have given to John – they are the experts and really take the time with his care.

“For me, John’s respite care means that I can go and run errands more easily and have some time to myself – but have the peace of mind that he is being looked after in a high-quality environment. It is also convenient for us as we live locally. I am also able to go on holiday or visit my daughter and just get time to relax.

“I am so grateful to the Dearnevale team for all of their help and support in John’s care – I know that he is happy with the care he receives and I wouldn’t want him to go anywhere else for his treatment.”

Katie Leonard, Clinical Nurse Manager at Dearnevale, said: “We pride ourselves in providing outstanding care to our service users, whether they live with us long-term or spend a few days with us in respite care.

“With John coming to Dearnevale for respite care it means that not only can we provide specialist care for him, but it means it gives his wife Joanne a break from her caring duties.

“Although he is unable to communicate clearly, we have built up a relationship with him and his wife, and are able to take time to better understand his needs and work together, with Joanne, on a tailored care plan to suit his needs.”

Dearnevale currently provides respite care for six service users and offers the service 365 days a year.