Scotia Heights first home to launch service user library

Exemplar’s Service User Engagement team are pleased to launch a brand new company-wide initiative – a completely service user led library in each home.

In its early stages, the first home to launch their very own library is Stoke-on-Trent home Scotia Heights.

Led by Service User Engagement Manager Sophia Feurtado, the aim is that all of Exemplar’s 26 homes will have a library in their homes if this is something your service users would like. The libraries will include a range of books, CDs and DVDs – which will make a fantastic addition to the home’s activities rooms and lounges.

As well, not only is the library available within your home, a portable trolley will be in place for the library to become mobile so more people can access it.

Adding to the initiative, service users will get the opportunity to volunteer which will see people fully catalogue the books, CDs and DVDs, be in charge of the mobile library and visit bedrooms on the units and encourage people to hire items.

Sophia Feurtado, Service User Engagement Manager, said: “The service user library is a fantastic way for people to not only read books, listen to music or watch DVDs, it’s a way of involving everyone in a service that the whole home can benefit from. I also hope that this will encourage conversation and reading and discussion groups.

“The aim is that service users will help to catalogue and lead the whole process supported by our care and activities teams.”

“For those who volunteer, it empowers individuals to take charge of something they feel passionate about, gain social and employability skills, builds confidence and gives people an opportunity to undertake a role of responsibility.  

“It’s one thing having books available in the homes, but how great is it that we can really encourage our service users to take ownership of their very own library. To get the library started, I appealed for donations from family and friends and have been overwhelmed by the response. 

“Additionally, a member of staff in our marketing department, who works in a library, donated a wide range of books, which our service users have really appreciated. Scotia Heights have really embraced the project and I look forward to seeing other homes implement the idea.”