Exemplar sponsors Huntington’s Disease Association’s family weekend

As well as exhibiting at the event, Exemplar Health Care proudly sponsored The Huntington’s Disease Association’s (HDA) annual family weekend last week.

Exemplar were on hand to talk to attendees about the specialist care we provide across our 26 nurse-led homes and in particular, showcase the care we provide to those living with Huntington’s Disease.

The event saw attendees meet others who live with Huntington’s, learn about support and care available and also learn about latest research developments. The HDA presented updates from the Association and introduced speakers, hosted best practice workshops and put in place networking opportunities.

View the Huntingon’s disease art gallery here

To add further support to the HDA, last year, Exemplar sponsored a photographic exhibition – ‘Inherent: a Huntington’s disease story’. The exhibition explored the resilience of families living with Huntington’s and celebrates the lives of those who live with the disease.

Exemplar showcased the ‘Inherent’ project at the HDA family weekend and people who were involved and who appeared on the photographs were extremely pleased to see the final product available for people to look at. 

Exemplar’s high-quality clinical team effectively manages the symptoms of those living with Huntington’s and work to improve lives by:

  • Reducing feelings of frustration by responding quickly
  • Leaving additional time for completion of tasks
  • Encouraging independence
  • Introducing choices and alternatives – and allowing people to make their own decisions

Exemplar is equipped with nurse-led specialist teams, who understand Huntington’s disease and are skilled in methods to effectively manage the symptoms. This specialist knowledge allows Exemplar to improve the lives of people living with the condition, and ensure people remain as independent as possible, for as long as possible.

For more information about specialist Huntington’s disease care at Exemplar Health Care, click here.