Kyle’s story

Ever since Kyle was little he loved anything to do with cars and bikes and he has always been interested in the way they work. When he moved to Scotia Heights, Kyle talked about his passion for cars and about wanting to work on fixing cars, so the care team organised a way for him to do so, right on his doorstep.

Kyle, aged 29, lives at the specialist home in Stoke-on-Trent and has now started a project where he buys a car, fixes it and then sells it on. The Scotia team have organised a place in the home’s car park for Kyle to work on his current project.

The project started with a Ford Focus where he made alterations and fixed it before selling the car on and making an impressive £1000 profit. Kyle didn’t stop there and with the profit he made, bought another car and is already on with the work.

Kyle wanted to focus his energy and passion for cars on something where he could make a difference. As well as working on the cars at Scotia, he regularly takes the car down to a local garage in Stoke-on-Trent and works with a mechanic on the bits he needs help with.

After enduring a road accident, Kyle can no longer use his legs, however since moving to Scotia, he has got a new wheelchair which means he can navigate around the car more easily and get on with fixing more cars.

Talking about his car project, Kyle said: “I’m working on my next project now and I’ve changed the headlights, cleaned the interior and modernised it to make it look better when I sell it.

“My aim now is to work on more cars and take them to car shows and show them off and sell them.”

Kyle discussed his life at Scotia and said: “I’ve got my own bedroom, and I see it as my own flat so I doesn’t feel like a care home – it’s the little things like that that I haven’t experienced in other places.

“I had been in care from the age of 6 and came out at 17 and a half so I’ve been to a few different places. I don’t see Scotia as a care home – it’s just a nice place to live.

“You can have a laugh and build memories. I’ve made friendships here and have got close to people.”

Scotia Heights provides high-quality care and support for people who live with neuro-disabilities, brain injury and stroke, mental ill-health, complex dementia and physical disabilities.