Scotia Heights’ Michelle and Kyle take part in About Me video project

Service users from Stoke-On-Trent home Scotia Heights, have taken part in a unique project that has seen individuals tell their own story through a specially made video.

The video project, ‘About Me’, is led by Service User Engagement Manager, Sophia Feurtado, and has seen seven residents from our Service User Council take part in creating individual videos that reveal their personal thoughts and feelings on life in their homes.

Amongst the residents involved in project, include Scotia Heights’ Michelle and Kyle. The pair discuss what it is like to live at Scotia, why they love feeling part of the Scotia family and about how the quality of their lives has improved since living at the home.

In Michelle’s video, she explains: “It’s a nice home, everyone’s cheerful and I help out with the lifestyle team. We go out on trips and organise a lot of parties. I am on the Service User Council which is a nice experience and even when I can’t make it, I am able to Skype in which is nice to experience with everyone else.

“It’s a nice pleasant home, and that’s why I call it the ‘happy home’.”

Kyle discussed his life at Scotia and said: “You’ve got your own bedroom, and I see that as my own flat so I doesn’t feel like a care home – it’s the little things like that that I haven’t experienced in other places. I had been in care from the age of 6 and came out at 17 and a half so I’ve been to a few different places. I don’t see Scotia as a care home – it’s just a nice place to live.

“You can have a laugh and build memories. I’ve made friendships here and have got close to people.”

Scotia Heights provides high-quality care and support for people who live with neuro-disability, brain injury and stroke, mental ill-health, complex dementia and physical disability.

Sophia, said: “The most important thing I picked up on throughout the two days of filming was that our service users were so happy to share the positive differences they have created for themselves.

“I thought it was really important for Exemplar colleagues, for health care professionals and the wider community to hear from service users directly, about what they think about the care they receive.

“This project is a massive achievement for the seven service users who took part and I hope it gives everyone living in care the confidence to know that they have the power to affect change over their own lives and on the lives of others.”

“The films show just how far our service users have come, the new confidence they have found within themselves and the progress of their rehabilitation journey.”

The full videos will be available towards the end of October.