Exemplar Health Care’s dementia awareness pledge for World Alzheimer’s Month

As part of World Alzheimer’s Month, Exemplar Health Care have shown an incredible commitment to raising awareness, understanding and education around dementia.

To help raise awareness for Exemplar’s head office, non-clinical staff and for the local community, Exemplar have taken part in the World Alzheimer’s Society’s biggest ever initiative, ‘Dementia Friends’ – a short awareness session to help people learn more about dementia.

Exemplar provide high-quality clinical care and support for people who live with complex dementia, neuro-disabilities, brain injury and stroke, spinal injury, physical disabilities, complex mental health, learning disabilities and autism.

Exemplar held Dementia Friends sessions at three of their care homes – Longley Park View in Sheffield, Maypole Grove in Birmingham and Exemplar’s head office, Ferham House in Rotherham.

The sessions aim to educate people on how dementia affects people in different ways, about the different variations of dementia and encourages people to make positive changes to how to behave around people who live with the disease.

Dementia Friends educates people to change the way people think, act and talk about dementia through five key messages:

  • dementia is not a natural part of ageing
  • dementia is caused by disease of the brain
  • dementia is not just about memory loss
  • it’s possible to live well with dementia
  • there’s more to a person than the dementia

Exemplar’s Chief Executive Euan Craig, said: “I’m really excited and proud of Exemplar’s work around dementia in September. This month in particular, is a time for us all to reflect on dementia care and the many forms which it may take.

“As a company, we have shown our support to those affected by dementia and pledged to train Dementia Friends at three venues.

“I’m looking forward to attending a session and it will be particularly relevant to me as I have two family members with dementia. I’m looking forward to putting the skills I learn into practice and trying to make a positive difference to their lives.

Exemplar have now pledged to a long-term commitment to educate staff and the local community around dementia awareness and understanding.

Alison Mullet, Programme Manager at Exemplar Health Care, said: “It is so important to learn more about dementia, as not only do we care for service users who have dementia, but also friends and family who are affected.”

“The sessions are really educational and make you think about the different levels of dementia and the variations of the disease.

“The session really got us thinking about how we can make positive changes to think about how we can behave around people with dementia and how we can help make their lives as fulfilling as possible.”

Also as part of World Alzheimer’s Month, Exemplar exhibited at the Young Dementia Conference in Birmingham and shared expertise with exhibitors about the high-quality care they provide for service users who live with complex dementia.