Just Different

People living in care settings following a severe illness or life-changing injury may find recovery difficult as they adjust to a new way of life without the routine of home and work.

Two Exemplar service users are taking the next step in their rehabilitation and recovery by applying for new jobs with Just Different, a Rotherham based charity. Just Different was created by Toby Hewson, who lives with cerebral palsy. The charity employ people with disabilities to educate schools and businesses about life with disabilities.

Over 10 years ago, Toby, who lives with Cerebral Palsy began using his experience to visit schools and educate pupils on his disability – soon discovering they had an interest in his life, the technology used to enable him to remain independent and his story.

Having recently opened a new office in Rotherham to meet the training needs of businesses and schools across Yorkshire and The Humber, Just Different approached Exemplar’s Greenside Court and Lonnen Grove homes to enquire about employing service users.

Two members of the Service User Council took a big interest in the opportunity and have recently applied for positions. Steven, a service user at Lonnen Grove said: “I have serious learning disabilities, so when people see me in the street they think I am exactly the same as them – my disability cannot be visibly seen. If I am lucky enough to get this position, I will be really excited to help others like myself and show them it is possible to work – despite what people may think or say.”

Steven and Anthony are now both going through the application process and will find out in a month or so whether they have been successful. At Exemplar Health Care, we find ways to empower our service users and ensure they feel independent and are working towards their desired goals and outcomes.

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