Work out at Work – with Kavanagh Place

Promoting exercise at work and throughout daily life is becoming increasingly important as it has positive effects on both health and well-being. Kavanagh Place in Liverpool recently carried out a week-long event focusing on the health and well-being of both staff and service users.

The event – ‘Love your activity!’ – included staff training on back care and engaging service users into carrying out exercise and activities where possible. The Physiotherapy Department worked with activities staff within Kavanagh to ensure as many people could be involved as possible.

A dedicated in-house physio team at Kavanagh encourage service users to be as active as they can, not only for exercise and rehabilitation purposes, but for also to improve happiness and mental health.

Paul Carreon, Kavanagh’s physiotherapist said: “Being active can have huge benefits for everyone’s overall health. Finding something you enjoy can make physical activity enjoyable, and encourage an individual to find one exercise they enjoy, and therefore continue to do.”

Encouraging staff to think more about their health at work is so important. Working in health care can be mentally and physically demanding. Finding positive ways for staff members to care for themselves whilst at work, as well as encouraging others to do the same, can make all the difference.

Service users also use visual exercise bikes at Kavanagh, where people can exercise while following on screen. Paul continued: “We found using these bikes makes all the difference. It is also great that we can take the bikes around the units at Kavanagh; we don’t have to expect service users to come to us.”

Kavanagh Place provide high quality care for individuals with varying complex needs; including Huntington’s disease, complex mental ill-health and complex dementia. Paul said: “I believe our service users are our greatest teachers. We constantly learn from them, and their insight to their level of care and involvement in running the service is priceless.”

The Physiotherapist Team run daily activities within Kavanagh Place, where each and every service user can track their progress. Regular visits to the local Hydrotherapy Pool have now begun, as well as in-house fitness classes, all of which are extremely popular.

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