Exemplar’s biggest ever Service User Council meeting

Earlier this week, Exemplar’s Service User Council got together for their latest meeting. Every two months, council members from care homes across Exemplar meet to discuss changes within Exemplar Health Care, the latest news at their home and to discuss new ideas for the benefit of service users.

The latest meeting covered topics such as:

  • Installing wi-fi across care homes
  • Becoming more involved with the latest updates from central services
  • Job roles for service users in our homes
  • And so much more

Following previous meetings, completed action points were discussed such as the installation of wi-fi in bedrooms across all Exemplar care homes; as well as the development of a service user app. Exemplar Health Care recently developed a mobile app for staff members, and service users voiced they would like the same opportunity to:

  • Be kept up to date with the latest news
  • Share their latest achievements with others
  • Chat with fellow service users at other homes

Chris, a service user at Thames House said: “I love this idea – it is something great we can all develop and roll out to our homes. We get to see each other every couple of months, but to be able to share stories and talk to each other more often would be great. I have friends in my home, but I also have friends on the council – it would be brilliant to keep more up to date with them and how they are.”

The council also discussed the recent filming carried out by seven members of the council. Now being edited, the videos will be launched towards the end of summer and will provide staff, commissioners and stakeholders insight into life at Exemplar. The candid interviews share the thoughts and opinions of service users, paving the way for changes to be made throughout 2018 and beyond. Ian, a service user at Parkside who was filmed, said: “I really enjoyed being filmed. I felt important, valued and as though I can make people realise what goes on in my head, my points of view and what I want to be able to do and change for myself and others.”

Service User Engagement Manager, Sophia Fuertado said: “It’s great when the council get together because they have the power to open the eyes of our Directors, and implement changes for themselves, which us as staff may not have considered. It is often the smaller things which are slightly overlooked, as we focus more on the main needs of our service users. Being able to encourage service user empowerment and watch each and every individual progress with their ideas is brilliant to see.”

The next council meeting will take place in September, where completed actions will be discussed and visions for the future shared. For more information on the Council, contact communications@exemplarhc.com