Exemplar’s Service User Council reviews new home, Lakeview

Following a year’s build, Lakeview in Leigh has become Exemplar Health Care’s 26th specialist care home. Today, the doors will open to the first service users set to make Lakeview their new home.

Staff at the new home and Exemplar’s Customer Engagement team have been working closely with local health and social care  commissioners to shape the future of the home, and ensure Lakeview meets the needs of people with very complex health needs in the North West. Lakeview will provide high quality care to individuals living with neuro-disabilitiesbrain injuriescomplex dementia and mental ill-health.

Before the doors opened to new residents, members of the Service User Council visited Lakeview to provide their feedback and insight into living in a care home. As part of Exemplar’s Service User Engagement activities, members of the council will be working more closely with Exemplar’s Customer Engagement and Development Teams throughout future new home builds, to stamp their approval on building designs and features, ensuring all are service user friendly and suitable for the conditions of people living in the homes.

Steven, service user at Lonnen Grove in Rotherham, said: “The big balcony at Lakeview is a great idea, it makes the home feel really modern. The bedrooms are beautiful too; I could sit comfortably at the desk, but I would prefer if light switches were also placed by the beds so we don’t have to get out of bed to turn the light on.” This kind of feedback will inform future developments at Exemplar, as part of our pledge to make every day better for everyone we care for and work with.

Lakeview is a 30 bed service so it is important there is enough space for socialising – as well as having quiet areas for people to relax away from their bedrooms. Some council members commented on the space of the lounges, saying they are a good size space for socialising; as well as noting the new therapy kitchens. Rachel, an Activities Lead at Greenside Court in Rotherham said, “All homes should have at least one Therapy Kitchen like at Lakeview. We have a few coffee mornings and events at Greenside Court and the specialist kitchens would mean service users are involved in the entire cooking process – not just the first few stages before staff have to takeover in the main kitchen.”

Lakeview’s home manager, Jo Roughley, was leading the tour. She said, “It’s been great to have the council members here and provide their honest feedback into the new service. For Exemplar’s next new builds, the service user council will be involved from Day 1 so we don’t miss any of their valuable knowledge during these early stages. We have received some really good feedback – thank you to all those who have travelled here to be a part of this forum.”

Lakeview is now accepting referrals to the service and would also like to welcome health and social care commissioners to visit. For more information on Exemplar’s newest home, email referrals@exemplarhc.com.

Lakeview is also welcoming stakeholders to its official open day on Thursday 13 September 2018. To register your attendance, please click here.