Longley Park View – the digital care home

Throughout 2016/17, approximately 3000 A&E attendances in Sheffield alone, were from care home residents – 40% of which were admitted to frailty units within Sheffield hospitals.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust has created a new programme – The Digital Care Home – to reduce and prevent emergency admissions into hospitals; and therefore preventing disruption to the lives of care home residents.

The Digital Care Home team and staff at Longley Park View are working in collaboration to monitor residents health needs and discuss the best course of action should they become unwell or require further care from the NHS. The programme will assist care staff at the specialist Sheffield care home, to record vital signs, information about residents and hold the information on a secure platform. Information includes respiratory rates, temperature, oxygen levels, blood pressure, pulse rate and levels of consciousness.

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The Digital Care Home project is enabling care home staff to use existing equipment to record routine monitoring information for residents electronically and communicate with community nursing teams or local GPs to identify the best course of action if there are early signs of patient deterioration.

Many service users come to Longley Park View after the breakdown of previous placements in elderly care services and in the community. As a person’s symptoms become more acute and challenging, some services become unable to provide the right care for older people with very complex needs.

Older people with complex care needs may also be at risk of experiencing delirium, anxiety and depression. With a strong staff team providing excellent nursing and empathetic, person-centred care, Longley Park View is viewed by many as a welcome alternative to acute care, often the only choice following the breakdown of a community placement.

Benefits to Longley Park View residents include:

  • Regular monitoring means more information for care staff, families & GPs
  • Enables local NHS services and GPs to support care staff better
  • Potentially reduce A&E attendances or the need for residents to be admitted to hospital
  • Easier to share and save information than using paper

The aim of the collaboration is to test the impact digital technology could have within Longley Park View, combined with the work staff and NHS services carry out. If enhanced clinical interventions can be carried out, the amount of emergency admissions to hospital should be reduced; allowing us to keep residents well in their own home, in their familiar surroundings and monitoring their health and wellbeing.

For more information on The Digital Care Home, or Longley Park View, please contact communications@exemplarhc.com