Exemplar sponsor Spinal Injury Association Award

The Spinal Injury Association are set to host their annual Rebuilding Lives Awards on Wednesday 6 June, and Exemplar Health Care are proud to announce they are supporting the Rising Star Medal.

The awards recognise the achievements of individuals living with a spinal injury, and inspire others through their rehabilitation and recovery.

The Rising Star Medal – presented to four young health professionals from spinal centres across the country, and will be recognised individually for going above and beyond in their roles to provide care and support to those recovering from a spinal injury.

At Exemplar, we take a positive approach in ensuring individuals recognise there is life after a spinal injury. During the assessment process, nurses focus on what individuals can do and where our services need to be tailored to support each unique need. Multi-disciplinary teams ensure service users within our homes receive the best treatment, including occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and even physiotherapy.

Service user Michael, lives at specialist care home Willowbeck, in Sheffield. Specialising in spinal injuries, Willowbeck were able to provide a placement to Michael following his accident. Six years ago, Michael was out with his family when he suddenly fell, and woke up in hospital unable to move. Michael said: “The hospital I was at in Wakefield were brilliant, but it was too far away from home – my wife lives in Sheffield so she could only visit once a month. I did get to have physiotherapy to try and awaken my muscles and movement; but it wasn’t enough to make a difference.” Six months later, Michael was transferred to Willowbeck – making it far easier for his wife to visit, and most importantly encourage his rehabilitation journey.

Physiotherapists work with Michael four to five times a week, where he has been able to regain sensation in his legs, as well as movement in one arm. Michael now has his own electric wheelchair at Willowbeck, which enables him to move around the grounds at his will; something which wouldn’t have been possible without the physiotherapy reawakening his arm and hand.

Michael added: “I can’t fault the staff here! I love being able to have a laugh with everyone, and enjoy the relationships we have. They really do encourage me to remain independent, and it helps. I think if it weren’t for the physio sessions, and the team here; I would never have been able to regain the movement I have. I don’t like giving up, I never have – so I’m pleased the ethos of everyone here is to keep going.”

Many of our staff have undertaken specialist courses in caring for those with spinal injuries. Being diagnosed with a spinal injury is life changing. We focus on what the individual can do, and create a positive environment to help them live life to the full.

To find out more about spinal injury care at Exemplar, or the Rebuilding Lives Awards, please contact referrals@exemplarhc.com