World MS Day 2018

#BringingUsCloser – World MS Day. A day to further promote awareness on multiple sclerosis, campaign with and for all those effected, as well as bring some comfort to families and individuals living with MS.

A neurological condition, MS affects around 2.3 million people worldwide, by damaging the myelin (the fatty substance that coats nerve fibers) which protects your nervous system. A range of symptoms are caused, and each individual is affected in a different way.

Lux lived at Bridgewood Mews until recently, when he very sadly passed away. Lux developed his own website earlier this year, sharing his experience of living with MS. He said, “At first in denial about my condition, I did no research and ignored the symptoms. It wasn’t until I started to lose more control of my body, I began researching the condition and made changes to my life. I moved into Bridgewood Mews when the condition became too much for myself and my family to cope with. Now I have the chance to help others, by sharing my story online. “ Lux’s website will remain live at as a resource for those living with MS to understand Lux’s experience.

Living with MS can be difficult for individuals and families. At Exemplar, we are experienced in supporting everyone affected by MS. We support people with neurodisabilities to live life to the full. We offer a variety of services including physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, seating assessments, long-term placements and occupational therapy in order to increase independence. We believe the best care is given in a positive and supportive environment which focuses on outcomes and celebrates success. Friends and family are encouraged to be part of an individual’s care and support team.

To find out more about life with MS at Exemplar, email or to read more about Lux and his experience, visit