Happy holidays

People in care have the same rights as anyone else to go on short breaks and to take holidays. At Exemplar, we appreciate the joy of a great holiday and think that everyone – whatever their specialist care needs – should be supported to experience time away from to relax and unwind.

One service user at Parkside in Tipton. He recently requested a review of Exemplar’s holiday policy. As an attendee of the Service User Council meeting, Rob picked up that every holiday is planned differently across our homes, and he wanted to make sure everyone had equal rights.

Taking his request to the Board of Directors, Exemplar Health Care has now carried out a full review of the Service User Holiday Policy to ensure the importance of holidays is appreciated across all our homes, as well as setting out how they should be planned.

It is commonly understood the benefits of an active social life include improved general health, slower decline in physical and mental capacities and a greater self-esteem. Holidays and trips allow service users the chance to experience new things, meet new people and do more of what they love.

Here’s to many happy holidays!