Dementia Action Week 2018

All this week is Dementia Action Week – the time for small actions, which will have a big impact.

Dementia is a condition caused by damage to nerve cells in the brain which can leave individuals often struggling with daily tasks, developing a communication issues, suffering with mood swings and loss of memory.

Loss of memory and old age are the two biggest factors often associated with Dementia. However, people don’t have to be old or lose their memory to be diagnosed with Dementia. It can happen at any time.

If a loved one, or someone in your care develops Dementia, ask yourself what you will do to keep their brain active. Will you:

Be patient?
Ask questions and learn more about the condition?
Make time to listen?
Continue to make life as ‘normal’ as possible?

These are the big questions being asked by the Alzheimer’s Society for this year’s Dementia Action Week.

At Exemplar Health Care, care and support is provided to individuals who live with all form of Dementia at any stage of the condition. Our homes support individuals and their families in making every day better by carrying out regular activities to keep the brain stimulated and active. By doing this, individuals can hold onto memories, boost their self-esteem and be in a good position to avoid developing anxiety and depression.

We are here for anyone who is affected by Dementia. To find out more about how Exemplar Health Care can help, please contact the Referrals Team on 01709 565 777.