Case study, Kavanagh Place

Following a long stay in hospital following a spinal injury, Jim needed specialist support to make progress.

Whilst touring the world, Jim had a bad fall which resulted in mass damage to his spinal cord, almost completely paralysing him.

At the beginning of 2018, Jim was transferred to Exemplar’s specialist care home in Liverpool, Kavanagh Place and quickly began making progress. The team at Kavanagh secured Jim an electric wheelchair, allowing him to move himself around the home and regain some independence.

Following sessions with the Exemplar’s Physiotherapy team, Jim began to build up some strength in his legs and during his first hydrotherapy session, Jim stood in the pool – unaided – for almost ten minutes!

Care teams at Kavanagh Place are confident Jim will be fit enough to return home within six months. Whilst he will still require use of his electric chair, Jim will have more strength, functionality and independence, putting him in the best position for further recovery.