Stress awareness month

Most of us will experience stress at one stage or another throughout our life – it’s often seen as a normal part of life. However, long periods of stress or extreme stress can have a negative impact on our mind and bodies.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, talking through issues and worries and spending time relaxing can all reduce stress levels. It is important to keep stress levels low as too much stress can lead to high blood pressure and further complications such as heart disease.

While Exemplar Health Care provides care and support to service users living in our homes, we also provide support to families and friends. If a family member lives with a complex condition, it can be difficult to maintain a ‘normal’ way of life, or to carry out full care requirements without the specialist knowledge, training or understanding.

When an individual moves into an Exemplar specialist care home, a full assessment is carried out to determine a care process and goals for the individual. At all stages of the assessment, and throughout their time in the home, families and friends are encouraged to work closely with their family member and our staff. Every home has a dedicated visitor’s room and an open door policy.

The Exemplar approach is to make every day better for our service users and their families. This includes reducing the level of stress associated with caring for individuals who have complex and challenging conditions.