Autism awareness week 2018

There are some 700,000 individuals in the UK living with Autism. A condition which is lifelong and common amongst young adults, Autism affects how an individual communicates and experiences the world around them.

Not to be confused with learning disabilities, autism is an aspect of an individual’s identity – a condition without a cure, and one which can present many challenges.

Often developing in the early stages of life, individuals can have trouble recognising the emotions of others, find it difficult to organise themselves and have trouble expressing themselves. It isn’t uncommon for those affected by Autism to also have other conditions such as profound learning disabilities, mental ill-health and cognitive impairments.

While Autism can present challenging and complex behaviours in an individual, specialist staff within Exemplar Health Care understand the why’s and how’s of such a condition. Individuals within our care are encouraged to see past their condition, or in some cases, multiple conditions, and develop the skills to interact with others and the world around them.

Multi-disciplinary teams work with individuals to understand what they enjoy doing, and use this as a way to develop functional skills including social interaction, education and strategies to manage behaviour.

Personal goals are developed with service users, so individuals recognise the importance of their progress and can see their own progression.  It is this achievement which encourages our service users to keep going, and continue to learn and develop their skills.

Exemplar’s experienced teams empower people living with autism to live a life that is happy and fulfilled.

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