An exciting MS resource by an Exemplar service user

Before moving into Bridgewood Mews, Lux was living at home and struggling with his progressive, life-changing condition – multiple sclerosis.

Lux developed MS in his early 20’s. At first in denial about his condition, he didn’t want to know what might happen in the future. It wasn’t until his symptoms began getting worse that concerned friends encouraged him to research his condition and find out what was happening to his body.

Lux soon learned that each and every MS experience was different. Lux continued to work and live life the same for as long as he could – he didn’t want his condition to limit him, or make him give up his way of life before he was ready.

As the years went on, Lux’ MS began to worsen, making it difficult to be cared for at home by his family – he needed more help and support. Lux moved into Bridgewood Mews just over ten years ago when he knew the time was right.

Now, some years later, Lux is sharing his story and experience to help others .

Having recently worked with John Huey, local web developer, Lux has created a website all about MS and his life experience. is a website in his Lux’s words, as well as an open forum for individuals to share their experience with MS.

Maybe you have been diagnosed with the condition, or care for a loved one with MS – whatever the story, Lux wants to hear from you.

As research continues to be carried out into the incurable condition, Lux believes sharing experiences and asking questions is the best way forward. So get in touch, find out more, and maybe help others at