Bed for life at Exemplar Health Care

End of life care can be hard for families who may struggle to provide the bespoke and often challenging demands associated with this type of care.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), recently published new end of life care, guidelines, highlighting three areas of concern:

  • The decision that an individual is at end of life stage is not always reliably reviewed – a person may have the potential to improve
  • The end of life patient may have been unduly sedated
  • Concerns over hydration and essential medicines may have been withheld

Exemplar Health Care takes pride in its high quality, dignified and sensitive end of life care. When an individual, perhaps with a progressive condition, approaches the end of their life, our specialist teams support them and their families to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

Some Exemplar services now provide a ‘bed for life’. Longley Park View, a specialist home in Sheffield has trained every staff member in end of life care training called ECHO. Once a service users’ needs have changed, and their behaviour becomes less challenging as they reach the end of life stage, Longley Park will continue to provide their care.

Our experienced and sensitive staff provide comfort, dignity and support in this time of need. Family time is incredibly important during this time and fulfilling an individual’s wishes is our focus. In our aim to make every day better, the quality of care we provide does not falter.

Longley Park View has recently benefitted from a £1m investment in the service – a full refurbishment and specialist training as outlined above.

To see the changes and relaunch the new service, health and social care professionals, commissioners, case managers and everyone interested in good specialist care are invited to the official re-launch of Longley Park View on Wednesday 2 May from 12:30pm.

Register your free attendance at the Longley Park View open day.