World Encephalitis Day 2018

Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain caused by an infection, or attack on the brain. This World Encephalitis Day, figures have shown there are 6000 cases in the UK each year.

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Encephalitis is neuro-condition which results in nerve cells becoming damaged or destroyed. This is then known as the more common phrase – acquired brain injury or ABI.

Exemplar Health Care provides neuro-disability care to individuals with a wide range of traumatic and acquired brain injuries.

Individuals are affected by neurological disabilities in different ways; some individuals may have to adjust to life with a physical disability as a result of their condition, whilst others may live with a decline of intellectual and cognitive ability.

Specialist nurses within our nursing care homes provide neurorehabilitation care in many forms including speech and language therapy and physiotherapy. While we understand some service users may not fully recover, we still work with them to maintain their independence and life skills, as best they can.

One service user, formerly of Hull-based care home Havenmere, suffered with an acquired brain injury before undergoing rehabilitation with us. Working with specialist nurses throughout his time at Havenmere, David completed his personal goals and within five years was able to move into his own flat within the local community. Read his full story here.

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