Living well at Exemplar

This Monday marks National Longevity Day; a day for people to start thinking more about their health and well-being. Looking after our bodies and understanding more about the impact our diets can have on us in later life is one message which is becoming harder to ignore.

Staff at Exemplar’s specialist care homes work to ensure individuals within our care are well-informed about their diets and are supported to live well.

Exemplar’s chefs source local, fresh ingredients, packed with nutrition. Staff work with service users and families to ensure everyone can enjoy their favourite foods – whatever their dietary or physical needs. We specialise in ensuring people requiring pureed diets can enjoy the same food they always have – read more about how we do this.

Engagement teams within each home work with service users to ensure everyone is supported to enjoy their preferred hobbies, activities, education, volunteering, work or other adventures including holidays or weekends away. Our specialist care staff work to ensure no day is the same, people’s individual needs are met and service users lead a fulfilled and happy life.

To find out more about service user engagement with Exemplar, or to make a referral to one of our nurse-led homes, please contact the Referrals Team on 01709 565 777 or email