Dignity in Care

All this week, nurse-led care homes across the Exemplar Health Care group have been celebrating Dignity in Action. While we have dignity on our minds every day of the year, , one week a year is specifically dedicated to raise more awareness, promote dignity of others and to teach the importance of dignity and respect.

Kavanagh Place in Liverpool, carried out a Digni-Tea day; with afternoon tea, arts and craft sessions and an awareness campaign. Service users, care staff and families joined in with the afternoons’ workshops. The Penny Lane Unit was a hive of activity throughout the arts and crafts sessions, while other units added to the Dignity Wall on display within the homes foyer.

in Sheffield provided service users with a relaxation and social day. A hairdresser was on site all morning, pampering service users; others enjoyed head and foot massages from a professional masseuse.Barnsley care home, Dearnevale, started their week with a discussion on what dignity is all about, using cartoon images as talking points. Service users shared which aspects of dignity are important to them, and hung their thoughts on the dignity tree. Carrying on with the creative theme, service users are sharing their life stories, their achievements, hobbies and goals via a display for anyone visiting Dearnevale. This is to show there is so much more to a person than their condition and service users hope this display will encourage everyone to see past a disability and just see an individual.

Nearby, at Otterburn, the team held a dignity forum – led by service user Linda. Linda used to hold coffee mornings at her local church, and still regularly attends with the help of her key workers. Having heard about Dignity in Action, Linda was all too enthusiastic to hold a dignity coffee morning for her fellow residents, care staff and families.Moving further down south, one of our newer care homes, Maypole Grove held workshops for staff which included case examples for dignity challenges, and how to resolve them. In the afternoon, service users shared their experiences of dignity and reviewed their goals and aspirations.

Dignity of service users and staff is very important at Exemplar Health Care; we strive to make every day better for everyone we care for. Many of our nurse-led homes have a Dignity Champion, responsible for maintaining dignity standards across their home, and reminding everyone that dignity is so important.