Responding quickly to continuing healthcare assessments

New research has revealed how one third of NHS continuing healthcare assessments take longer than 28 days for funding to go through. In many cases, this is delaying discharge from hospital wards and causing huge pressure on patients and their families.

The same research has also found how the complexity of most assessment processes for continuing care are baffling commissioners, therefore delaying the process further.

Continuing healthcare is a package of care provided outside hospitals, funded by the NHS for individuals who have ongoing health care needs to such a degree, they require ongoing care and support within a care service. The number of individuals deemed eligible for continuing healthcare has increased by roughly 6% over the past 4 years, at a cost of £3.1 billion.

The decision to make individual’s eligible for continuing healthcare should be made within 28 days; however, 1 in 10 individuals are now waiting longer than 100 days.

Exemplar is a provider of choice and works closely with referring commissioners, local authorities and other organisations, offering a completely transparent process so referrers can track an individual’s progress through each stage of their care.

To ensure that individuals are placed into a service most appropriate to their needs we have developed a robust and simple referral process. Find out more about making a referral at Exemplar.