Understanding brain injury at BABICM Sheffield conference

On Thursday 8 February, Exemplar Health Care is exhibiting at the Life of P seminar for case managers in Sheffield. The seminar offers BABICM members the opportunity to understand more about the complex and challenging issues faced by those living with an acquired or traumatic brain injury.

Throughout the course of the day, the team from Exemplar Health Care will be on hand to show health care professionals, social workers and case managers how we support those with brain injuries.

Life of P is a scenario based example of an individual’s life after acquiring a brain injury. Portrayed by BABICM, the scenario focuses on key milestone’s throughout P’s recovery, rehabilitation and specific issues faced not only by P, but their case managers and social workers.

Click here to read Ingrid’s rehabilitation story:

Knowing that brain injuries can affect anyone, at any time during their life, Exemplar Health Care provides support and services which make a different to an individual’s quality of life. Whatever the symptom an individual is faced with either as a result of a traumatic brain injury following an accident, or an acquired brain injury developed through an infection or stroke, Exemplar’s specialist teams accommodate service users with exactly what they need.

All service users at Exemplar have individual, personalised goals, which pave the way to achievements – and potentially, the road to recovery. Not everyone has the same brain injury, therefore nobody can have the same goals. Goals may include increasing functional abilities, completing physiotherapy to walk or move again, or to even rehabilitate and return home.

Our purpose is to make every day better. Exemplar has established a reputation for delivering quality outcomes for our service users.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our service, our staff, our facilities and the excellent care that we deliver to enable us to make every day better.

One service user was transferred to Exemplar following the development of brain injuries caused by a burst aneurism. Working alongside our multi-disciplinary teams, and following the steps laid out in her personalised care and support plan, Ingrid was able to return to her family home. Completing her goals, making outstanding progress and staying motivated to continue to work with us, led to Ingrid walking, talking and being her old self again. Click here to read Ingrid’s story of rehabilitation.

Working alongside NHS teams, we ensure a smooth transition from an acute hospital setting. Our nurse-led teams are fully trained to be able to care for the most complex of cases including those who require airway management through tracheotomy care, enabling individuals to lead the most fulfilling life available to them with the care, dignity and respect they deserve.

If you are attending the BABICM Life of P event on February 8th, at Hilton Victoria Sheffield, be sure to visit our exhibition stand to find out more.