Transitioning – young to adult care

Exemplar Health Care is a leading nurse-led care provider for adults with complex needs. Adult care services are more often than not pictured as care homes for older people. However, Exemplar is a care provider for adults aged 18 plus, with specific expertise in placing younger people moving on from children’s care services.

Placing a family member or patient into a care setting can be a lengthy and difficult process – how do you know who to trust, who is a better provider, where will the individual in need of care, feel most comfortable?

When a young person reaches the age of 18, they become an adult and are required to transition into adult care. Turning 18 sounds so simple, but when care is involved, research should be carried out well ahead of time.

“For the 40,000 children and young people with complex physical health needs, there are many additional hurdles. Only 50% of young people and their parents said they had received support from a lead professional during the process leading up to transition to adult services.” Children’s transition to adult health services, CQC

Exemplar work closely with referring commissioners, local authorities and other organisations to ensure young people find the right home for them – a service appropriate to their individual needs, with a good community fit so they can develop good social links and maintain or develop their skills.

We make every day better for services users by providing everyone with the opportunity to develop, grow and reach their potential – irrespective of health or ability. Working with individuals, families, funders and clinicians, we agree goals and timescales, including the anticipated length of stay and plans for discharge. Passionate about improving health and wellbeing, we deliver truly person-centred care and achieve high-quality clinical outcomes.

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Sarah, a service user at The Lodge, slowly transitioned into our care after leaving her school aged 18. From overnight stays to longer respite visits, specialist staff at The Lodge worked with Sarah, her family and social worker to develop her care plan and determine goals and outcomes she could work towards. When Sarah came to The Lodge, staff worked hard to stabilise her epilepsy with the help of a specialist epilepsy nurse and neurological consultants. Initially, Sarah required 1:1 supervision, but over time and careful intervention, she was able to develop her skills – eventually attending college and developing a peer group. By 2017, Sarah had achieved her goals and was able to move out of The Lodge having outgrown their support. The multi-disciplinary team found Sarah was so independent, the next step for her was a supported living group environment.

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To ensure that individuals are placed into a service most appropriate to their needs we have developed a robust and simple referral process. Click here to explore the referral journey, or enquire about a placement.