No hospitals for challenging behaviour

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recently released new draft guidelines, which show individuals with challenging behaviours should be better cared for. “Our draft guideline recognises that some people with learning disabilities and behaviour that challenges are not receiving the care they deserve.”, Jonathan Senker, Chief Executive of VoiceAbility and chair of the guideline committee.

Research has shown individuals who present challenging behaviours such as enduring mental ill-health, severe learning disabilities and autism often face unnecessarily long hospital waits, or are given placements in the wrong setting – such as in elderly care – or are forced to live miles away from their families.

NICE stated that they would like to see care services provide better support, breaking the disruptive pattern of care and encouraging behaviours to be managed preventing disruption to the individual’s life. Exemplar Health Care provides specialist support to individuals with long-term mental health needs, where the symptoms are to such a degree the individual cannot independently care for themselves, sustain relationships or work.

An estimated 1.2m people in England have a learning disability, and 10-17 per cent of these behave in a way that challenges, according to the report by NICE. Exemplar’s experienced teams support individuals who have experienced relapses of their condition, intervention or admission to acute mental health services and those who may be a risk to their own safety or that of others.

By working with the individual to minimise these relapses and admissions to other mental health services, we are able to use long and short-term goals to maintain and regain skills. Over time, this enables those in our care to manage their condition, understand why they may want to react a certain way and develop enough independence and confidence to begin reintegrating into the local community.

In addition to caring for individuals with schizophrenia, personality and affective disorders, we also care for those with behavioural needs which may stem from acquired brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder.

“At Exemplar, we understand that a person’s mental health is a journey. Working together with service users, loved ones and multi-disciplinary professionals, we help people to overcome barriers, identify solutions, and establish control over their lives.” Mark Henry, Mental Health Lead, Exemplar Health Care.

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To ensure that individuals are placed into a service most appropriate to their needs we have developed a robust and simple referral process. Find out more about that process here, or make a referral.