Parkinson’s disease doubles

Scientists have warned of an imminent pandemic of Parkinson’s disease. Cases of the neuro-disability have more than doubled in just 25 years.

Research published in the JAMA Neurology journal suggests approximately 6.9million people are living with Parkinson’s worldwide, and by 2040 a staggering 14.2 million of us will suffer with the condition.

Parkinson’s is a neurological disability which progressively damages parts of the brain over the years. The three main symptoms include involuntary shaking of the body, slow movement and stiff or inflexible muscles. Not to be confused with Huntington’s disease, which affects a seperate part of the brain and affects coignition, Parkinson’s is a progressive disorder of the nervous system.

At Exemplar, we support individuals with neuro-disabilities to live life to the full. A variety of specialists deliver physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy to help individuals meet their independent goals.

The growing number of Parkinson’s cases is attributed to current under-reporting, misdiagnosis and an increased life expectancy of individuals. Researchers argue it is imperative that people work together for better care for those living with Parkinson’s, and fund more research in the hope of creating a future without the condition.

People are affected by neuro-disabilities in different ways. Some people may have to adjust to a reduced physical ability to manage everyday activities. For others, it may be living with the effects of reducing and declining intellectual ability.

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