Sarah’s progression towards independence

Following a long history of epilepsy and behavioural issues, Sarah moved into Exemplar’s home, The Lodge at 19 years old.

Sarah was 7 when she had an accident which caused behavioural issues, seizures and complex learning disabilities. Soon after, she was placed into a school for children with similar complex needs.

Her mother recognised the family needed more help, if Sarah was to learn to manage her behaviour and become more independent.

Sarah began to stay at The Lodge for respite care over for 2-3 nights. It was apparent Sarah needed 1:1 supervision. She presenting the same behavioural issues as she experienced at school, and was in denial about her condition.

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When Sarah turned 19 and was no longer in education, she moved into The Lodge permanently.

Specialist staff at The Lodge worked with Sarah, her family and social worker to develop her care plan and determine goals and outcomes she could work towards. An epilepsy nurse came on board to manage her seizures. Controlling her epilepsy allowed Sarah to concentrate fully on tasks for the first time since childhood, allowing her to function properly and control her behaviour. Sarah was able to manage her autism, improve her independence, develop life skills and begin to attend social activities inside and outside The Lodge.

In 2017, Sarah had achieved her goals and was able to move out of The Lodge having outgrown their support. The multi-disciplinary team found Sarah was interacting more with staff and was so independent, the next step for her would be a supported living group environment.

When it comes to supporting those with autism and learning disabilities to achieve their full poential, having the right people in the right environment is the key to success. We adapt our approaches to suit each individual.

Some individuals may have reduced ability to manage everyday activities such as household tasks, socialising or managing money. For others, the learning disability may be part of other conditions. Individuals may receive more than one diagnosis.

Exemplar supports individuals with a learning disability to live their lives as they choose. We do this by creating personalised care in a vibrant and positive atmosphere.

To ensure that individuals are placed into a service most appropriate to their needs we have developed a robust and simple referral process. Click here to explore the referral journey, and how to make one.