Service user blog: Meet Ged

I’m Ged, and I live in the OneCare service at Dearnevale care home, along with a couple of friends I have made whilst being here.

Before moving to the flat, I lived in Dearnevale care home for ten years. I previously worked for Terry’s of York, and lived with my family in York.

I love living in my flat – I have my own space and independence, but can always participate in activities the home carry out or anything outside of the service. I mostly enjoy our karaoke nights, as well as the day trips and service user holidays.

My flat is lovely – I enjoy being outside, and so having my own private garden suits me well. I have a large bedroom and share the kitchen space with my house mates. When my daughter came to visit me in the flat for the first time, I was able to make her a cup of coffee. This might sound simple to everyone else, but for me it ws a real achievement – she said seeing me make that cup of coffee was amazing, and feels like she is beginning to get her dad back.

When everybody is together, or when I have visitors, we tend to spend a lot of time n the kitchen. We are an amazing team. The OneCare service has been a success for myself, and other service users, as well as our families and the staff. Staff have seen a big change and improvement in me, since I moved into the flat. I suffer with mental health, but have found living in the flat and being in that environment makes me a lot calmer. I was even able to attend my niece’s wedding earlier this year, and will be going to my daughters wedding in March – I can’t wait.

As a team, we have made it a success together.