International Day of People with Disabilities

There are currently 1 billion individuals living with a disability worldwide. A disability is a condition or function which significantly impairs an individual, and is often used to reference functional, physical, sensory, cognitive, intellectual and mental impairments.

The International Day of People with Disabilities promotes empowerment amongst individuals living with disabilities, and encourage everyone to enhance their own capacities and capabilities.

At Exemplar Health Care, individuals with complex behavioural and physical needs are cared for, encouraged and empowered through rehabilitation, work, nutrition, education wellbeing. Across our 25 services, individuals with disabilities are supported to set their own priorities, goals and, most importantly, to live a fulfilled and happy life.

Exemplar encourage individuals to be at the centre of their own care, shaping their treatment or rehabilitation journey, knowing what to expect and how they can have they say.

Exemplar’s Service User Engagement Council is now running Exemplar, chaired by Chief Executive Euan Craig. Every other month, council representatives – service users from homes across the organisation – meet to discuss the quality of care provided at their home, share personal experiences and develop ideas for continuing care and activities. The first council meeting was a huge success, with council members discussing ways to take on more active roles within Exemplar, shaping our future.

At Exemplar, we make every day better by ensuring the people in our care are empowered to make decisions about their lives – every step of the way.