Self-care week

Birmingham’s Maypole Grove is focusing on health, well-being and independence for 2017’s Self-Care Week. A local Indian yoga group paid a visit to service users, to introduce yoga to service users at the home. Yoga is an exercise which combines deep breathing and relaxation, with flowing movements – known as a more as a relaxation method, often used within health and social care.

Benefits include a reduction in stress, an improvement in posture, improved balance and mobility as well as increased strength in legs and core. Research has also indicated yoga can reduce the risk of falls among adults with complex needs – as an individuals mobility and strength increases, they are more able to support themselves.

Service users who participated in the session later shared with support staff they felt more relaxed after the class. One service user who doesn’t participate in as many activities as others – often enjoying to carry out small tasks and activities in her room – joined in the yoga lesson, and really enjoyed herself. As a result of the positivity, enjoyment and motivation, Maypole Grove have scheduled classes with the Indian yoga group for every other Monday.

Self-Care Week is an annual national awareness week which focuses on supporting independence and individuality. Embracing self-care for life is imperative in raising awareness amongst those of us who may suffer from anxiety, depression, mental ill-health, learning disabilities and other complex behaviours, to understand why self-health is important. Understanding this can open the gateway to understanding how to manage long term conditions and behaviours, and knowing when to ask families, friends and support workers for help.

Exemplar’s homes have specialist multi-disciplinary teams on hand to support service users on their journey of self-care, redevelopment and rehabilitation. Service users are at the centre of their own care – and our staff are here to facilitate and support. Personalised care plans are developed with service users and families – these plans address needs and aspirations, set achievable short and long term goals, as well as including and encouraging personal interests. Using these plans, service users work towards independence, or further develop their skills so they can carry out as much self-care as possible according to their condition.

As goals are met, service users can move into OneCare services, extended pathways of care which allow for greater independence. These specially adapted houses and flats allow any type of care or nursing to be extended from the main home, whilst at the same time allowing individuals to live independently or with support, depending on their unique needs. We ensure our OneCare services meet the accessibility, sensory and other unique needs of the person who will live there.

Encouraging service users to manage their behaviours and reach their goals is just one more way we make every day better.