The Bridgeway to community living

North Lincolnshire care home, Havenmere, has recently developed a new range of services which provide a pathway into the community. The Bridgeway is part of Exemplar’s OneCare services –extended care pathway for individuals with complex needs.

Havenmere  and The Bridgeway provide the opportunity for individuals to increase their daily living skills, reintroduce them to the community and improve their confidence in what they do alone, and around others. Separate from the main home, The Bridgeway is an eight bed unit, which includes six ensuite bedrooms and two apartments. The six ensuite rooms have shared kitchen and living areas, which allow service users to develop their independence and life skills, whilst still receiving support from the main home. This intermediary pathway supports our service users on a rehabilitation pathway – supporting those developing skills to manage their behaviour, or those who have goals to return to living in the community they previously lived in. The two one-bedroomed apartments are self-contained, which allow for more independent living. This sole-occupancy environment is personalised to suit the unique needs of individual service users.

Havenmere supports those with conditions such as early-onset dementia, acquired brain injuries, neuro-disabilities and mental ill-health. At Havenmere, every service user has a care plan developed with them, which allows them to work towards individual goals, depending on their unique needs.

The Bridgeway is providing a transitional care pathway for those with mental health needs who are continuing to meet their goals. As goals continue to be met and outcomes are achieved, staff, working with families, encourage service users to take the next step in their recovery by moving into The Bridgeway. This continues the pathway from the service back into the community. Focusing on rehabilitating those with mental ill-health, The Bridgeway is fast becoming a place for people to improve their independence and manage their complex behaviours.

Although still quite a new service, The Bridgeway has already had great success. Tim became resident at Havenmere after living with severe mental ill-health most of his life, going in and out of acute services. After two years at Havenmere, Tim moved into The Bridgeway, where he now lives with more independence and doesn’t require round the clock support. Read Tim’s full story here.

Exemplar develop OneCare services jointly with local funders – sometimes with specific service users already in mind, or to meet future need. We buy, adapt and fully refurbish properties close to our nurse-led care homes, and where demand is greatest, develop areas of our existing homes to create OneCare apartments which are accessed separately from the main home.

Today, we have OneCare services in Yorkshire & Humber, the Midlands and in the North West – at Havenmere, Neville CourtDearnvaleFairwindsRavensdaleMeadowcroft and Quarryfields. We provide thorough care planning, regular needs assessment, goal-setting and outcomes-tracking to every service user across Exemplar.