Longley Park View – Good

Earlier this year, one of Exemplar’s larger homes, Longley Park View, began a major refurb. The entire home was to be updated, reorganised and redecorated, unit by unit over 12 months. With just 4 months to go, Longley Park View has been transformed and the quality of life for its residents is much improved.

Longley was always a busy service. Limited space meant that staff and service users were not able to get the most out of every day. Service users now have more freedom, more space and managing behaviours is more achievable.
Refurbishments started with a re-work of the former EMI unit. It now looks and feels very different. The names of all the units have changed to reflect the transformation. Recent visitors to the home have commented that they thought the changes have brought a remarkable sense of calm.


The team at Longley carefully managed available bed capacity to make it possible to transfer service users into the new units as they were completed. No-one had to move out and no-one needed to be affected by the work. Longley also made a big effort to keep everyone involved and updated on the progress of the refurb. Service users were even involved in the choice of room furnishings for their bedrooms and shared areas, and not just decoration. Staff were able to have an input into colour schemes and new technologies, ensuring that they would deliver real benefits to the quality of care and the lives of those they care for.

There are now fewer beds but Longley has added additional lounge areas giving service users more space to relax, socialise and join in the many activitieson offer. And of course, everyone has a comfortable new bedroom of their own!
Home Manager Carol Berry has been in post almost 12 months; “From the outset I had more than just the usual challenges of a new home to cope with. Soon after coming to Longley, I was informed the home would be having a major refurbishment. Happy as I was to hear this news, it was hard to imagine how we would make each and every service user, and their families, comfortable during the work. However, my teams have supported me brilliantly throughout this process and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Being able to involve service users and families in the changes was important, for everyone. We are all happier than ever and we are a stronger family at Longley as we near the end of the process. We are now just finishing the communal areas – which will open up the extra space that we were determined to provide to maximise the activities and freedom that we could create. We really have delivered on Exemplar’s promise to make ‘every day better’ for our service users and staff.”

Whilst the overhaul was in full flow, the CQCarrived to carry out their annual inspection of Longley. So we were delighted (though not surprised) that the CQC report included so many positives: Our care records demonstrated that “service users were provided with support from a range of health professionals to maintain their health”. They concluded that “people were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible”. They recognised that “staff knew people well and positive, caring relationships had been developed”. They saw that “people were encouraged to express their views and they were involved in decisions about their care”. And they confirmed that “people’s privacy and dignity was respected and promoted”.

Longley Park View provides care and support to adults with enduring mental ill-health, as well as early-onset and complex dementia. Our open-door policy means friends and family are welcome to visit at any time and be involved in care planning and reviews.

We encourage everyone to be involved in giving those we look after the best possible quality of life.