Neville Court the Chocolate Factory

Did you know that ‘Theobroma Cacao’ (the name of the cocoa plant used for making chocolate) is Greek for ‘Food of the Gods’? Isn’t chocolate wonderful!

Exemplar’s Neville Court certainly thinks so, which is why they fully embraced the celebration of Chocolate Week 2017.

Service users and staff have participated in lots of different games with a chocolate theme this week, including a chocolate guessing game: Popular bars were unwrapped, chopped up and given to service users who had to guess which chocolate was which: by sight, by touch and of course by taste. Not only did the service users get to enjoy many a chocolate bar, but were able to awaken their senses by participating in this interactive game. Not wanting anyone to be left out, staff melted down chocolate bars to mix with milk and thickener for service users on a pureed diet.

Following the first activity of the week, service users practiced their baking skills ahead of October’s National Baking Week. Activities’ staff assisted service users on a chocolate themed baking day, cooking up a storm of sponges, cupcakes and biscuits.

To round off Chocolate Week nicely, service users had a movie day watching none other than… ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. What else?Maybe they were running low on chocolate supplies by this point, as Neville Court’s service users were taken to the one-and-only Cadbury World, the home of chocolate itself. Service users learned about the history of Cadbury, visited Bourneville Village, found out how our beloved chocolate is manufactured and enjoyed a treat or two in the café.

Activities with Exemplar enable individuals to improve their independence, discover new interests and interact with those around them. Our staff support individuals to ensure they achieve their goals, whilst having a great time doing so. Being involved in social activities offers therapeutic benefits to each and every service user, as well as a pathway to personal goals and outcomes. Goals are different for every service user at Exemplar – not everyone shares the same aspirations or abilities. For us it is all about making ‘every day better’ for those we care for, for their families and for our teams.

At Exemplar, individuals are at the centre of their own care and are fully involved in shaping their treatment and lives.