World Mental Health Day at Exemplar

Tea & Talk – what better way to break down the barriers that mental health illnesses can put up?

For this year’s World Mental Health Day, Neville Court registered with the Mental Health Foundation for their Tea & Talk fundraising efforts to increase awareness around mental health.

Neville Court provides support to adults with complex needs including enduring mental ill-health. The team at the 20-bed home are able to recognise changes in presentation of service users and act in a timely and decisive manner to minimise the impact of these changes. Having built an understanding of service user conditions and forming relationships with those within the home, Neville Court provides a more person-centred approach to mental health care.

Service users and the activities team carried out a coffee morning in line with this year’s theme for World Mental Health Day – Tea & Talk. Raising awareness of mental health in and around our homes is important – the more those suffering with mental ill-health connect with friends, family and support workers, the more their confidence and behaviour will improve. Activities held included a tea flavour guessing quiz, conversation cards to get to know one another, cake making (and eating) as well as hosting those who visited.

All money raised will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation, for more research into mental health and to provide support needed within communities, such as ‘Creating Connections’. This scheme provides sufferers with mental well-being, tools for managing emotions and goal setting – very similar to how we provide support within Exemplar.

At Exemplar, we believe in person-centred care, with a personalised delivery of services and support, at just the right time. We encourage people to use long and short-term goals to maintain and regain skills. While we have all the expertise in place to offer all the support individuals need, when friends, families and carers get involved too, the benefits are magnified.

Find out more about our support for individuals living with mental ill-health.