Exemplar at NCCTC

On Monday 2 October, Exemplar and NHS Vanguard will jointly present a workshop at the National Commissioning and Contracting Training Conference – ‘Sharing best practice in residential care settings to reduce costly and avoidable acute admissions.’

Since 1994, the NCCTC events have been ‘go to’ conferences for those involved in the commissioning and contracting of adults and children’s services. This year’s conference will be held at the Hayes Centre Alfreton, Derbyshire over two days, and will include workshops around health and social care.

Exemplar Health Care is working as part of the Wakefield NHS Care Homes Vanguard project – a multi-agency programme involving local care homes, acute trusts and community health partners which aims to reduce the number of ambulance call outs and acute admissions into hospital from care homes.  Emergency admissions are costly, disruptive and avoidable, so as part of NHS England’s New Models of Care programmes, the Care Homes Vanguard was set up to reduce emergency admissions.

Hospital visits significantly impact the life of a service user, disrupting their usual routine. Complications can occur when handing over medications, and being in hospital increases to chances that a person may pick up an infection or suffer disturbances to sleep.

One key scheme introduced by the programme is the Red Bag Scheme. Clearly identifiable red bags containing personal belongings, admission forms, medication, discharge information and everything else go with a service user to hospital. The bag means service users are recognised as a care home resident, and the completed paperwork inside helps acute staff understand a person’s medical background. It also means a person’s medication and documentation comes back to the home.

The key benefits of our work with the Care Homes Vanguard include an improved life experience for service users, either in our homes or in a OneCare service, a reduction in the need for acute admissions to hospital and a more efficient service.

Many of our homes now bring together NHS specialists, neurologists, psychologists, GPs and other experts at in-house clinics, to avoid changes in routine and the frustration of long hospital waiting times. Families and loved ones involved in the care of our service users, can then also develop relationships with consultants, in a relaxed environment for a more open discussion.

Our service users are at the heart of everything we do, we aim to make every day better – and the Care Home Vanguard project is one of many ways we are making improvements.

Join us at the Hayes Conference Centre, October 2nd and 3rd, for the NCCTC event – and an insight into Exemplar Health Care and the Care Home Vanguards project.