New Models of Care

Exemplar Health Care will be exhibiting at the New Models of Care Conference on Tuesday 26 September in Manchester.

New Models of Care was established in 2015, with new approaches to caring and organisational structures in place to trial how NHS services across England could look in the future. Two years later, the model has begun to deliver benefits which can be rolled out across many care sectors.

NHS Vanguard has been working to improve the quality of life for service users within care homes, as well as healthcare planning and preventative measures for hospital admissions. Keynote speaker William Roberts, Care Home Lead, will be discussing the importance of integration and the opportunities that are available when health and care systems work together hand in hand.

Exemplar is looking forward to making new links with local care commissioners in the North West as we add to our current portfolio of homes with the opening, in May 2018, of Lakeview in Leigh. We’ll be on hand to answer questions about Exemplar’s approach to caring for some of the most vulnerable service users with very complex health needs. Making every day better at Exemplar is about achieving the best possible outcomes for each and every service user – avoiding unnecessary acute admissions, improving quality of life and ensuring people remain independent for as long as possible.

On Monday 2 October, Exemplar and NHS Vanguard will jointly present a workshop at the National Commissioning and Contracting Training Conference – ‘Sharing best practice in residential care settings to reduce costly and avoidable acute admissions.’

We are looking forward to the New Models of Care conference and finding out more about how NHS England will further roll out the model across the country.

Join us during the exhibition at the New Models of Care Conference on Tuesday 26th September, Park Inn Radisson, Manchester.